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Family Discipleship Webinar

5-Part Webinar


This 5-session, truth-packed webinar will educate, encourage, and equip you in making Family Discipleship a priority in your family's life!

  • Session 1: Urgency

  • Session 2: Family Discipleship in the Old Testament

  • Session 3: Family Discipleship in the New Testament

  • Session 4: Role of the Local Church

  • Session 5: Practical Family Discipleship Strategies

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Incommunicable Attributes of God

4-Part Study


A 4-session video study to dive deeper into some of

God's Attributes that He does not share with His creation.

  • Session 1: God’s Holiness

  • Session 2: God’s Aseity

  • Session 3: God’s Simplicity

  • Session 4: God’s Eternality

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Marriage Webinar

6-Part Session

6-truth packed sessions with speakers of various experiences and Biblical knowledge.

  • Session 1: The Gospel

  • Session 2: Holy Matrimony in an Unholy World

  • Session 3: Husband and Wife

  • Session 4: Emotions and Communication

  • Session 5: Sex

  • Session 6: Tips and Encouragements

A Marriage Webinar to educate, encourage, and equip you in marriage!

Speakers Include:

  • Pastor Jose Prado from Christ Family, Miami

  • Pastor Aldo Leon from Pinelands Presbyterian, Cutler Bay

  • Pastoral Intern, Yianni Vourtsis and Wife Katherine Vourtsis

  • Pastor Kent Butterfield from First Reformed Presbyterian Church of Durham and wife, Rosaria Butterfield

  • CFM Founders, Eddie and Adriana Martinez

Adriana Martinez |